Sunday, June 8, 2008

biology relfection

This year in Ap bio I really learned a lot more then I thought you could learn in a year. It was also a lot of fun. my favorite thing we did was all of our labs. The labs helped me learn better because they more fun and relaxed then tests and taking notes. It was a way for me to make an example of the notes I just took. I didn't like disecting the frog or the starfish. It really grossed me out. I did the packet and watched from a little further back and let Marquis, Kalfas and Avery disect. but overall I think Ap biology was one of my favorite classes this year. It really challeneged me and taught me time management and how toreally pay attention or else you get totally lost. My favorite subject in bio would probly be the genetics study. I like to learn about how people get their genes and traits from their parents and how we all look different. because its something you notice everyday but never realize how muchi behind how someone got brown eyes or blonde hair. I also liked watchin Lorenzo's oil. It was really sad but taught me so much. If I didn't do that packet with the movie I don't think that I would have realized how educational the movie was. it taught me so much. I think I learn better when it has to do with emotion and hands on projects. thats why I liked bio because we were always in a lab doing something or watching something. we didn't just sit there all the time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blooms Taxonomy :)

10 question quiz.

1.what do you think could happen to George after he killed Lennie?

I think that after George killed Lennie the rest of the guys all saw and were happy. I think that Candy and George never got that house and the land. I think that their dreams also died away with Lennie. George probably went on with his life from farm to farm trying to be happy.
2.Can you name the person that wanted to get the farm with Lennie and George?

3.What do you think would change if Lennie never killed Curly's wife?

I think that if Lennie never killed Curly's wife then Lennie would still be alive and that Lennie George and Candy would have gotten their dream house and Lennie would be tending to the rabbits (which he probably would wind up killing) and Candy would cook and grow veggies and George would work at different farms.
4.What questions would you ask Candy at the moment they killed his dog?

I would ask him how he felt? why didn't he fight more for the dog he loved? If he could go back and save his dog would he?
5.Is this book similar to Native Son? why or why not?

I think the book is similar to Native Son but only in a few ways. I think that the killings and deaths that were accidental were similar, and how some of the characters seemed lost and out of place and weren't really sure who they were yet and were trying to get to their dreams.
6.What do you consider the turning point to be?

I think the turning point would be when Lennie killed Curly's wife because that's when the whole story changed. It went from a happy story that could end with all of their hopes and dreams happening to a sad ending with the killing of Lennie and their dreams.
7.What differences exist between George and Lennie?

George is smarter obviously, but he lives a sheltered life, unable to appreciate the small things in life and he works hard to provide for him and Lennie. on the other hand Lennie is a happy person who is easily amused and finds the little things of life most pleasurable.
8.could this have happened in our time?

I think that this could happen anytime and probably does happen we just don't know about it.
9.What are some of the motive behind Curly's violent behavior to everyone?

He is a smaller man and he feels threatened by the bigger stronger men. He also wants to keep the other men away from his beautiful lonely wife.
10.If you could describe this book in one word what would it be? why?


Monday, May 12, 2008

5th Day of Service Learning

For Service learning we all went and met up in the counseling room and we talked about all the things that we have accomplished this week. My group: Me, Veasna, Mo, Arlette and Gribbin all got our letters done. we wrote a letter to Dr. Davidson and told him about everything happening in our project. we also wrote a letter for our grant. then we found out we can't get another grant this year so we are saving the grant for next year. the other group: Juliene, Tabitha, Brandon and John worked on something, but I'm not sure what they did because i wasn't working with them. Then we went to the computer room and we typed up the letters and then we made an intro paper to hand out at the meeting that we will be having to tell the principal what our plan is for the school store. This week went really well and we got a lot of work done.

Monday, May 5, 2008

OMG! service learning..

Service Learning To Do List :D



4th day of service learning

This day of service learning went the best out of all. It seems that with each week we all get better and we get more work done. We all split into our own groups and my group: Me, Veasna, Mo, Arlette and Gribbin, we went into the other room and we wrote two letters. the one letter was to Dr. Davidson to let him know about our service learning group. what we are about and what our group and the other letter was to the people we wanted to get to sponser us with some money. It was sort of like a grant. I think that the splitting into 3 different groups worked really well because we are grouped with people we get along good with, yet still get all of work done too. I think that this week everything went sucessful. The only challenge was thinking about what to put in the letter to Dr. D. So far i have learned that it takes a lot more work making a store then i thought it did. You need people to supply stuff to you, you need to figure out what supplies you need, where you want the store, how you are going to set it up, who takes care of the money and much much more. for everything you need there are a milliom tiny things you have to do to get that. it is a lot more complicated then most people might realize. the coming weeks we really need to just get all of our information. like our supplier and such and see if we can get a grant for the money. its going to get harder with each week. next year i don't think that much needs to be changed maybe just give more time to do this and you independent hours also.